Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Penance: March 1, 2011 - A Walk in February

Prompt: Write a three stanza poem. The first stanza must end with the word "block", the second with "Tulane" and the third with "February".

Source: We did this on the first in my creative writing class.

Response: A Walk in February

Masochistic pinstripes drip
down his legs, leaving sprinkles
of masochism all down the block.

A little child might come lick
up, lap up, the stripey streaks
that speckle the sidewalks near Tulane.

The pinstripes melt masochistically
down his legs in rivulets -
the laving rivers, too hot for February.

Notes: Because my creative writing class just moved into our poetry section, my penance prompts will probably all be poems.

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