Friday, April 16, 2010

Full List of Sites - And an Unrelated Update

A Prompt a Day's various web locations (just for thoroughness):

Home blog -
Companion project -
Official Facebook page -!/pages/A-Prompt-a-Day-Keeps-the-Block-Away/114664851883613?ref=ts
Facebook event page -!/event.php?eid=107978199237820&ref=ts

Unrelated Update: Two wonderful, lovely, (hopefully) useful playlists are now located at the bottom of the blog home page. They contain my writing music (well some of it, anyway) - one the dark stuff (for espionage, crime and horror) and the other the light stuff (for teenie-bopper, romance and hilarity). If you have suggestions of your own, they are more than welcome. And (just as a hint) at least one prompt over the course of this May-to-May year will most likely, probably be related, about or otherwise connected to music.

Anxiously awaiting May!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Full Disclaimer

I put part of my disclaimer up in my last post, but I figure it's probably a good idea to put it all up in one place just so I'm all good and thoroughly disclaimed.

Disclaimer: I may choose prompts up to a month in advance but I will not begin working on them, nor will I write my response until the date of the post unless I miss a day (in which case I will do double the next day) or I know I will be without internet for a period of time (in which case I will post previously). WEbook members may post responses to any prompt on any date. The characters, events, and places portrayed may or may not be completely fictional, but if I do not own the rights personally to a person, place or object featured in my responses, I will identify the person (or company or alien race or whatever) that does. I do not own the vast majority of the prompts that will be featured, but I will always provide the sources I used to get them. When no source is listed (when Source: None) I made up the prompt on my own, and I own it, but in most cases people should feel free to steal them - except when they are an actual prompt idea, rather than a one word prompt. Anyone who would like to participate with me is welcome, but I do claim the idea for this blog as my own.

There. I said I'd be thoroughly disclaimed, didn't I?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Basic Format and So Forth

So here's how it's going down . . . Each day will be formatted as follows (minus the blahs):

Prompt: blah blah blah

Source: blah blah blah

Response: blahpity, etc

Any other information will either be contained under the heading "Notes:" or be put in a separate blog post.

I am not putting a word limit, genre restriction or style limitation on myself unless specified otherwise. With that being said, the events, characters and places I portray in my prompt responses may or may not be fictional, based on actual events or relevant to life in any way. And I never ever ever (only sometimes) write and tell.

I would encourage anyone who would like to join and/or support me in my mission to participate - either via commentary on this blog, or through the WEbook project. Those who would like to enter into the challenge with me should post any responses they deem worthy in the WEbook project (see the chapter entitled "Basic Format" for other restrictions and stuff).

I will take - and totally would love - prompt suggestions, corrections of my grammar or spelling, or anything else remotely helpful.

I've been snooping around on the world wide web, checking what's to be had out there and I must say that I am very excited for this mission . . . Come on, people, isn't it May yet???

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well here's the story of this blog's conception. I heard (or read) somewhere once that people who want to be good writers - publishable writers - should write as much as possible, in as many venues as they have available - journals, blogs, social networking, etc. In response to that idea I began my "This is the Story of a Girl . . ." blog, but it did not take very long for me too realize that my life is actually not that interesting (a concept I think most people have to come to terms with at least once in their lifetime) and the blog fizzled out. I also belong to a writing/publishing site called WEbook ( One of the most recent projects I have been involved with attempts to rescue those suffering from writer's block ( As I have been working on that project, an WEbook's other challenge projects, I have found that the solution to my own writer's block lies in making an attempt to help other people with theirs. I also recently saw the movie Julie and Julia (which I highly recommend, by the way) and two specific ideas (1. breaking writer's block and 2. a year-long blog with a specific goal) fused and exploded, leaving "A Prompt a Day Keep the Block Away" in its wake.