Thursday, April 8, 2010

Full Disclaimer

I put part of my disclaimer up in my last post, but I figure it's probably a good idea to put it all up in one place just so I'm all good and thoroughly disclaimed.

Disclaimer: I may choose prompts up to a month in advance but I will not begin working on them, nor will I write my response until the date of the post unless I miss a day (in which case I will do double the next day) or I know I will be without internet for a period of time (in which case I will post previously). WEbook members may post responses to any prompt on any date. The characters, events, and places portrayed may or may not be completely fictional, but if I do not own the rights personally to a person, place or object featured in my responses, I will identify the person (or company or alien race or whatever) that does. I do not own the vast majority of the prompts that will be featured, but I will always provide the sources I used to get them. When no source is listed (when Source: None) I made up the prompt on my own, and I own it, but in most cases people should feel free to steal them - except when they are an actual prompt idea, rather than a one word prompt. Anyone who would like to participate with me is welcome, but I do claim the idea for this blog as my own.

There. I said I'd be thoroughly disclaimed, didn't I?

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