Friday, April 16, 2010

Full List of Sites - And an Unrelated Update

A Prompt a Day's various web locations (just for thoroughness):

Home blog -
Companion project -
Official Facebook page -!/pages/A-Prompt-a-Day-Keeps-the-Block-Away/114664851883613?ref=ts
Facebook event page -!/event.php?eid=107978199237820&ref=ts

Unrelated Update: Two wonderful, lovely, (hopefully) useful playlists are now located at the bottom of the blog home page. They contain my writing music (well some of it, anyway) - one the dark stuff (for espionage, crime and horror) and the other the light stuff (for teenie-bopper, romance and hilarity). If you have suggestions of your own, they are more than welcome. And (just as a hint) at least one prompt over the course of this May-to-May year will most likely, probably be related, about or otherwise connected to music.

Anxiously awaiting May!

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