Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Basic Format and So Forth

So here's how it's going down . . . Each day will be formatted as follows (minus the blahs):

Prompt: blah blah blah

Source: blah blah blah

Response: blahpity, etc

Any other information will either be contained under the heading "Notes:" or be put in a separate blog post.

I am not putting a word limit, genre restriction or style limitation on myself unless specified otherwise. With that being said, the events, characters and places I portray in my prompt responses may or may not be fictional, based on actual events or relevant to life in any way. And I never ever ever (only sometimes) write and tell.

I would encourage anyone who would like to join and/or support me in my mission to participate - either via commentary on this blog, or through the WEbook project. Those who would like to enter into the challenge with me should post any responses they deem worthy in the WEbook project (see the chapter entitled "Basic Format" for other restrictions and stuff).

I will take - and totally would love - prompt suggestions, corrections of my grammar or spelling, or anything else remotely helpful.

I've been snooping around on the world wide web, checking what's to be had out there and I must say that I am very excited for this mission . . . Come on, people, isn't it May yet???

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