Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 28, 2011 - Finals Week: The Glass Slipper Incident

Prompt: Write the end of a story which puts a new twist on an old legend.

Source: Modified from

Original Airdate: July 20, 2010


And, of course, the slipper fit perfectly. But, because the fairy godmother had been hit by a runaway carriage that morning and was still unconscious, it had none of its usual magical reinforcement and broke the instant Cinderella stood.

The Prince fainted at the sight of the blood, leaving Cinderella to clean up the mess.

Note: Though I missed the 28th and 29th, I was extraordinarily busy trying to assign of my belongings a place in a box or suitcase. I've decided not to do penance (my final slack of this project - this is "finals week" after all)

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