Tuesday, April 19, 2011

White Freewrite

Prompt: So you pick a place to go, the beach, the roof of a high rise, somewhere that will give you a scenic view-it doesn't have to be a beautiful place. If you don't have a lot of time, I suggest somewhere with a lot of traffic, shopping center, near a freeway . With your mp3 , CD player or whatever device you use , put your head phone or ear piece in and turn on piano music , just piano -no singing . Now , get out of your car , turn it up so you can hardly hear anything else and just look around you slowly take in all that you see. If this place doesn't do something for you, then try one other location and try again.

Source: rdcrclnaslash (Thanks!)

Original Airdate: Today.


Hands holding hands, fingers loose. Raindrops, hitting the pavement like glass shattering as a china figurine is dropped. Short heels with straps and dresses with lacy slips underneath. Lolita. Contrast - pure and defiled. Streets and sidewalks and tiny, china dolls in white. Holding hands and batting their black painted eyelashes at passersby.

Notes: This isn't very long, I know, but I definitely recommend this prompt as a general writing exercise. More could have come out of it, but I decided to freewrite . . . By the by, I also highly recommend Yiruma for your piano enjoyment (in particular: "Kiss the Rain" and "River Flows in You").

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