Saturday, April 16, 2011

Penance: April 14, 2011 - Daisy

Prompt: Write a week's worth of calendar entries for an unusual character.

Source: None

Original Airdate: Today


Daisy in a fetal position in a corner, jaw slack. Crayons littering the floor around her. She sits on one of her hands, there's a crayon clenched in her fist.

Scrawled on the wall in teal crayon:
Monday - Brunch with the Pope (remember to talk about sea turtles)
Tuesday - Playing the harpsichord at the atrium opening with Lady Violet
Wednesday - Tea with the King, 3:15. Star gazing with the frogs.
Thursday - Braid a daisy chain for the balcony railing. It looks lonely.
Friday - Bathe in Apollo's fountain (you know how he enjoys it)
Saturday - Leave for Patagonia on the 5 o'clock train
Sunday - Wear the white chiffon ballgown with lavender trim to meetings

It has been fifteen minutes since Daisy's last dose.

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