Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ambassador's Son

Prompt: Write the last paragraph of a story about two characters who do not speak the same language

Source: None


Bastian's nurse held his hand too tightly as they walked down the marble hall. Her sky scraper heels clacked noisily and she was speaking in a low voice to Betty. Bastian knew that she was only holding so tightly because she knew that if he chose to run away while she was distracted she would get in trouble, but it still hurt. He was determined to run away, but then he caught sight of the ambassador's son coming down the hall in the other direction. The dark-haired child was following his nurse obediently, his face solemn like no child's face Bastian had ever seen. As they passed, Bastian could not help but glance at the boy's foreign features, noting the strong nose and skin that seemed to perfect for a boy. The ambassador's son caught his gaze and for a moment they glared at each other. Then the boy smiled and passed and was gone.

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