Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The House without a Window

Prompt: Start an original story with this title: The House without a Window



Trever rolled the rubber ball around in his palm. He could barely see anything in the windowless darkness. He tossed the ball up experimentally, catching it deftly despite the lack of light.

He added another ball, biting his lip as he juggled slowly. The balls made hollow noises as they hit his hands. Trever closed his eyes. It was dark enough that there was hardly any difference.

The rythm broke and one of the balls bounced lightly, rolling down the dim hallway. Trevor opened his eyes, straining them to follow the ball's movement. It vanished from his line of sight, but he could hear it as if bounced down the stairs.

Trevor remembered the stairs. He had once walked down them, the halls had once been lit with windows every few feet. But the house was empty now; without a single window.

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