Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Prompt: Describe a routine or holiday ritual, using the 2nd person “you”.

Source: warren-wilson.edu/~creativewriting/prompts.php


You lean against the counter, the hard tiled edge biting into your lower back, hitting the same spot as it has for the last eight years, since your final growth spurt. You can see everyone else in their usual spots: Grandma spooning eggnog for Uncle Luis, who’s on his fourth glass, Tarren and Ethan’s continuous supply of children under the age of ten running around squalling, and your cousin Tabitha is giggling too loudly while her boyfriend of the moment looks a little afraid of her but more afraid of the bustle of your family.

You roll your eyes, a little irritated with the noise and nonsense, but you take a sip of Grandma’s special eggnog and smile at the distant sounds of Grandpa regaling the teenage cousins with his wartime tales and sit up on the counter, putting aside your annoyance, because you know this is how Christmas has always been in your family, how it always will be. Because you know that this is how Christmas should be.

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