Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sacrificial Hero

Prompt: Create a story using all archetypal characters (examples: the young hero, the damsel in distress, the benign old woman, etc)

Source: None


The crowd seemed to surge like a wave about to crest upon the shore toward the noise, toward the cries of “Fight! Fight! Fight!” Jonas almost stumbled beneath the feet of the human herd. The group rushed forward until they could all see – almost touch – the fighters. Jonas heard the jeering commentary, the goading cries, and saw the leering, garish faces. It made him sick.

In the center of the circle a young girl lay still in the shadow of a tall palace guard. Jonas could not understand why the crowd was even calling the event a fight when it was obvious that the girl had not even had a chance to fight back.

She was bleeding from a cut on her arm and her long hair fell in tangles around her face. She was sobbing; Jonas could somehow hear it above the noise of the spectators. She looked up for a moment, right into Jonas’ eyes.

The guard raised his arm to knock the girl flat again and Jonas pushed through the throng to stand between them, stretching out his arms to take the blow.

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