Sunday, December 26, 2010


Prompt: Character - Blaise Finney



Blaise Finney looked like a mouse. He had drab brown hair that fell about his ears, which seemed just a half-size too large for his head, in long not-quite-straight pieces. He was small-bodied, all angles and bones that showed no matter how much he ate. He was quiet and, when he did speak, his mouth moved in quick, tight shapes that made him look like he was nibbling. His entire appearance was nothing if not demure, mousy in all its aspects. This rodent-like air was only contradicted by Blaise Finney’s eyes, which not many people did. They were dark and cold. His eyes seemed to reveal a curiosity and propensity for violence – they seemed to be calculating what would be the most interesting way to inflict pain on the person they were viewing. It was a game to Blaise, the only one he played, and he was very good at it. He could guess a person’s deepest fear from the way they held themselves, how quickly they broke eye contact with him and where they looked after they did. Blaise Finney may have looked like a mouse, but he thought like a rat.

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