Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 25, 2010 - Allison and the Door to Somewhere

Prompt: The Door to Somewhere



Allison stood looking down at the rabbit hole with a smile, amazed at the irony. Her full-skirted blue dress blew softly in the wind. It had been pressed just so by her mother only that morning and she tried to resist feeling too happily vengeful as she knelt by the rabbit hole.

She had not seen a rabbit - waistcoat or no - and Allison suspected that she had no chance of fitting in the rabbit hole, but she looked into it anyway with the faintest expectation of falling forward and downward.

She squinted in surprise as she gazed into the hole. In its dark recesses, Allison could have sworn she saw a door - bright red with a shiny gold knob. She leaned forward, trying to see better, certain that the image would vanish beneath her stare, but it did not.

Allison reached her hand into the hole, lying on the ground to reach for the door and it's brilliant knob. She thought she felt it, just within her fingers' grasp, but she could not latch onto it, the width of her shoulder keeping her a few centimeters too far away. Allison retreated and looked down at the door in the ground. Distantly, echoing as if it came from underground, she thought she heard ticking, but nothing moved within the rabbit hole.

Notes: I received a beautifully illustrated copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland today and that's sort of where this idea sprang from.

Yeah, I'm a slacker over the holidays. I'm not going to do a penance prompt for the 25th, in all honesty, because it's one in the morning and I'm tired. I suspect I could come up with a few better excuses, but that's the one at the top of the list.

On another note: Merry Christmas (and other holidays as well)! On Monday, I'm going to be traveling and I'll be gone for (something like) five days. I'll try and post, but I don't expect to have internet very often so I apologize in advance for any days I may miss.

Ooooh, and the playlist on the blog has (finally!) been updated. I was going to do one for Christmas, but I never quite managed that . . . Maybe I'll do one for Saint Patrick's Day or something . . .

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