Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Weather Forecast

December 1 – Is it dangerous to . . . ?

December 2 – Open a magazine and a newspaper and find a picture of a person. Then write a 300-500 word profile of the person.

December 3 – Here’s a 90-second drill: List items you can find in an airport. When the 90 seconds are up, write a story that includes all of the words on your list. Set your story anywhere but near an airport.

December 4 - Before I go to bed tonight, I'm going to...

December 5 – This is a tale about debauchery. The story is about an awkward arch-druid.

December 6 – Create a story, poem or any other piece based on this metaphor: a plate of fear

December 7 – Write about the relationship between two brothers

December 8 - This is a tale about xenophobia. The story is about a duchess who fears non-human beings. The effect of magic on technology is a major part of the story.

December 9 – Write about a god of sunlight who takes the form of an older man.

December 10 – Use all these words in a story or poem: preacher, coin, stairwell, comb.

December 11 – Write about a group of people dressed entirely in red.

December 12 – Finals Week: Write the last line of a story about an animal-like character.

December 13 – Finals Week: Write the last paragraph of a story about two characters who do not speak the same language

December 14 – Finals Week: Write the last line of a story set in a sultan’s palace

December 15 – Finals Week: Write the last three lines of a story with a bittersweet ending

December 16 – Finals Week: Write an alternate ending for a well-known story

December 17 – Finals Week: Write the last line of a story about an abnormally tall character

December 18 – Finals Week: Write the final scene of a story about unrequited love

December 19 – The educated, rebellious male half-Chimera with a knack for trouble. His non-human ancestry gives him a horribly inhuman appearance.

December 20 - The story must involve a spear in the beginning.

December 21 - Describe a routine or holiday ritual, using the 2nd person “you”.

December 22 – Start an original story with this title: The House without a Window

December 23 – Silken, sad uncertain

December 24 -

December 25 – The door to somewhere

December 26 – Character: Blaise Finney

December 27 – Sane mage

December 28 – Create a story with all achetypal characters (examples: the young hero, the damsel in distress, the benign old woman, etc)

December 29 – Use the name of a famous literary character (examples: Helen, Ishmael, Elizabeth Bennet) for one of your own characters.

December 30 – Write about two tarot cards

December 31 – Write about a man with strangely colored eyes

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