Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christian and Anthony, Antagonists

Prompt: Create the antagonist to your February 23 protagonist character.

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Christian Gabler - 42, male, divorced: no children, one of three kids, workaholic father, alcoholic mother, works as an insurance salesman, above average height but with a paunch, balding gray hair, watery gray eyes with deep pockets, has mild bipolar disorder: undiagnosed and untreated. Likes: being alone, David Hume, the special at the local diner. Dislikes: other people, ignorant people. Fears: cops, people who are more intelligent or more powerful than he is, intelligent, educated, beautiful or powerful women, death.

Anthony Ross - 31, male, married to Melissa Shane Ross (30): no children, Paxton's coworker, African-American, deep black skin, nearly-black eyes, well above average height, muscular build, only child, father just remarried: his father's new wife is a Chinese immigrant who often pretends she does not speak English well. She torments Antony whenever she gets the chance. Likes: walking into a room with Melissa on his arm, Italian food, World War II stories and artifacts, military weaponry. Dislikes: children, Paxton, rebellious teenagers, bigots, his father-in-law. Fears: being responsible for a hostage's death, his wife dying before him/divorce.

Notes: I was going to have Christian be the only antagonist, but then I decided Paxton deserved to have an antagonist that he could butt heads with much more frequently (and so Anthony was born).

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