Monday, February 21, 2011

Sins of Omission

Prompt: Write about a character's inability to complete an important action.

Source: None


"I love live theater," he raved, gesturing broadly to the spotlights above them and the balcony that wrapped around the auditorium. His chest was puffed out, his balding pate glowed beneath the lights.

I bit my lip, trying to bite back the words I should tell him. I should have told him he was a racist, egotistical, bigot and walked out on him. But he was my boss and it was not my place to tell him. So while he ranted about theater's grand history, peppering the story with his own accomplishments in the arena, I kept my mouth shut and my job intact. Surely someone else would tell him off someday - someone whose livelihood was not at stake.

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