Monday, February 14, 2011

"Thanks for Reminding Me I'm Single" Week - The Hard Part

Prompt: Write about two characters whose names begin with letters four apart in the alphabet (example: A - b, c, d, e - F).

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She was walking quickly, her thoughts probably on her next class. He struggled to catch up. Her long, dark ponytail bobbed behind her.

"Yesenia," he said, finally catching up enough to walk beside her.

She gave him a brief smile, but she did not slow. "Hey, Damien."

"So I was wondering if you'd like to go to the play with me tomorrow night," he blurted, afraid he would stumble over the words if he let them draw out too slowly.

She slowed slightly. "Sure,"

He had been so braced for rejection that it took him a second to respond. "Awesome, so I'll come by your dorm like fifteen minutes before. Walk you there?"

She grinned, "Yeah, I'll see you then."

Damien stopped, watching as her brown ponytail bobbed away.

Notes: In case you were wondering, this is not how my Valentine's Day went . . . but as there's only two-ish hours of it left, I'm ok with that.

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