Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Loud in Here

Prompt: Freewrite for five minutes. Begin with an adjective.

Source: None


Loud in here it's too loud in here In your head too many things to loud. Drumbeat, clack of train on tracks, marching band beat. Drumbeat, bass and trumpet. Guitarist, rock band, long hair, sunglasses band t-shirts. Dark corners and loud music - too loud and dark and closed in and dark. Pressed in, shriveled up and dark and withered. liar - he's a liar, he keeping you in the dark. He's keeping it too loud - he's speaking too loudly to let you hear. There's too much noise in his throat, too much noise rolling off his tongue. Loud in here, it's too loud. His noise, his words, his voice is too loud in his mouth, too loud in your head.

Notes: I originally wrote this by hand - I left all "typos" and misspellings in when I typed it up.

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