Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Weather Forecast

We'll call this penance for yesterday. Happy February. Only one themed week this month - in honor of Valentine's Day, "Thanks for Reminding me I'm Single". The idea for this week is to explore and showcase the many aspects of love, solitude, companionship and, of course, Valentine's Day, using prompts that may or may not be connected in anyway to the aforementioned topics.

February 1 – Thimblerig

February 2 – Freewrite for five minutes, begin with an adjective.

February 3 – Use a piece of your February 2 freewrite in your piece.

February 4 – Compare two objects which are unrelated.

February 5 – Submission for The Monster Challenge.

February 6 – In 400 words create your ideal place.

February 7 – Use this quote as inspiration: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, but you’d be a fool to withhold that from your superiors.

February 8 – “Thanks for Reminding Me I’m Single” Week: Write the slogan of a dating site.

February 9 – “Thanks for Reminding Me I’m Single” Week: Vanilla

February 10 – “Thanks for Reminding Me I’m Single” Week: Endless

February 11 – “Thanks for Reminding Me I’m Single” Week: Create a story, poem or any piece based on this metaphor: “a chapter of loathing”.

February 12 – “Thanks for Reminding Me I’m Single” Week: Write about a train ride.

February 13 – “Thanks for Reminding Me I’m Single” Week: Write about a pair of shoes.

February 14 – “Thanks for Reminding Me I’m Single” Week: Write about two characters whose names begin with letters four apart in the alphabet.

February 15 – Write about something said while a character is under anesthesia.

February 16 – Rocket

February 17 – Write a story about an author with writer’s block.

February 18 – Write about a misty day.

February 19 – Write a story in which all the characters’ names begin with the same letter.

February 20 – “Borne as on eagle wings”

February 21 – Write about a character’s inability to perform an important action.

February 22 – Use an unconventional symbol in your piece.

February 23 – Create a well-rounded protagonist character.

February 24 – Create the antagonist to your February 23 protagonist character.

February 25 – Write about two trees.

February 26 – I’ve been to nine planets in twelve years and it’s starting to show.

February 27 – This story must have a soldier at the end.

February 28 – Tether

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