Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19, 2011 - The J Family

Prompt: Write a story in which all the characters’ names begin with the same letter.

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"Did you find everything all right?" Joe asked, without looking up. He began ringing up the items on the belt.

"Yes, thanks."

Joe gave a barely-polite smile in return. His back ached; he worked as quickly as possible, whipping the bar codes of the items past the scanner.

"Mommy," a shrill little voice proclaimed. "The checker has my name on his chest."

Joe looked up. His eyes widened as he took in the family in his checkout line. There were at least six, somewhat grubby children, lined up in front of him. The child who had spoken was peering up at him over the belt. The boy's mother smiled down at him. "That's his name, Joe."

"Is your name, Joe?" The kid asked, his eyes wide as if he had never contemplated someone else having his name.

Joe nodded.

"I'm Joe, too," the child informed him.

One of the other children, a little girl with frizzy blond pigtails, said, "I'm Jamie."

Suddenly Joe found himself bombarded by introductions.

"I'm Jerry,"

"I'm Joan,"

"Hi, Joe! I'm Jeffery,"

"My name's Jimmy,"

"I'm John,"

"I'm Jared, Joe,"

The kid's mother smiled at Joe's bafflement. He rang up the last item a little shakily and said, "That'll be $57.30."

"I'm Jessie, by the way," she said as she paid him. Joe watched open-mouthed as the entire family trotted away, the children lined up like a row of ducklings.

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