Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paxton Adler, Protagonist

Prompt: Create a well-rounded protagonist character.

Source: None


Paxton Adler - 30, male, single: almost married at the age of 24 but his bride-to-be died in a car accident a few weeks before the ceremony, slightly above-average height, muscled build, olive-toned skin, dark hazel eyes, black curly hair, particularly defined jaw, scar on his left forearm from a BMX accident as a teenager, works as a hostage negotiator for the FBI: has a good track record and is considered one of the better negotiators in his department, parents were killed in a gas station robbery when he was 21, only child. Likes: intelligent conversation, BMX biking, expensive cheeses, adrenaline rushes, Jalapeno Cheetos, automatic weapons, shooting ranges, handguns. Dislikes: women who are too easily impressed (i.e. by a badge), football, seafood, being wrong, the middle of winter, the sound of nails on a chalkboard. Fears: being responsible for a hostage's death, mass murderers, school shootings, debilitating illness, old age.

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