Friday, October 8, 2010

Baggy Tights Week: Benign Neglect

Prompt: Benign neglect



I blinded myself

I figure

I can't see them - they can't see me

I can't see them

I figure

I don't have to care - they can fix themselves

I don't have to care

I figure.

So I blinded me.

And let them be.

Notes: I apologize for missing yesterday - I got really busy. As you may have guess from the title - this is the beginning of Baggy Tights Week. This week is dedicated to the oddities and complexities of oxymorons and each day's prompt will consist of an oxymoron.

Another announcement I have been meaning to make: Despite the stupidity of the idea, I am determined to participate in NaNoWriMo this year (for the first time). Be warned - this means no prompts for November. I will simply be posting my work for the day. I have no idea what I am writing about yet . . .which may cause problems later . . . but I am excited.

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