Friday, October 15, 2010

October 12, 2010: Baggy Tights Week: Pure Evil

Prompt: Pure Evil



Agni watched Ky as he strode toward her like a dark mist rolling in from the foothills. She swallowed, feeling the cursed brooch sear the skin of her throat. Her fists clenched within the confines of her white cloak, bracing her against the unholy pain.

Ky reached out to her as he neared, touching her upper arm. Agni watched him with fascination. His skin was almost as pale as her own, accented by unfathomable red eyes and ebony hair. His smile revealed teeth like a venomous snake and she could not help but shiver.

He was undiluted evil - evil in its purest form and highest concentration. She was repealed by the scent of it on his skin, the gleam of it in his scarlet irises, but still she was drawn to him.


  1. Aren't we often drawn to what scaries, intrigues, or puzzles us the most? I think Angi wants ky because he is what she should not be, want, or desire. We can handle many things, but boredom is not one of them. The question is, will Ky enhance her life and understanding of herself, or will he destroy her? Hmmmm...maybe a little of both.

  2. Will this be developed further? Is Angi a demon hunter? Is she drawn to dangerous men, only to bring them to justice? or does she fall in love and attempt to "change his ways"/"show him the light"? I would LOVE to see where the rest of this goes... so many choice... so many endings! Keep on writing!!