Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Heather

Prompt: How the young girl finds her way home in the dark.

Source: winess4HIM (Thanks for the suggestion!)


Little Heather lived out past the end of the sidewalk in a house in a yard full of prickly grass.

She had three sisters, all far older, and a collection of dolls all named "baby".

Little Heather loved to go to the park and play in the long, soft grass. One day her sisters were busy with piano and painting lessons and talking to two boys on the phone at once and she wandered to the park on her own taking Baby and Baby along for companions.

It was almost dark by the time she got there, the orange sun yielding to the dark winds of the evening and Little Heather was afraid for a moment. Then she remembered Babies and she told them not to be afraid, they would be home soon.

The long, silky grass was cold on her bare feet and one Baby seemed to be getting heavier.

When she wandered out of the dark into the glow cast from the porch light onto the prickly grass of her own front yard her mother ran to her and hugged her.

"How did you find your way home?" her mother asked.

Little Heather held a Baby close. "I followed the sidewalk lines."

Notes: This probably is the most random, most abstract little oddity I have ever written. I don't think I ever put a notification up (I've been slacking on notes . . .and everything else, unfortunately), but the Weather Forecast for October is posted (and well under way, as it is the 6th already).

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