Sunday, October 31, 2010

Penance: October 30, 2010 - Fate

Prompt: I am the wind blowing through your hair.

Source: "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas


He breathed and I felt it shudder down my entire spine. "You cannot escape me, Genevieve."

He laughed and I cringed. The screeching sound was such a contrast to his smooth, beautiful voice. "I am the children playing in the streets. I am the demons you mow down. I am your dreams of Israfiel."

I stiffened and he laughed again - that sound that revealed him for what he was, that harsh, demonic cackle. He brushed his fingers across my cheek and into my grimy hair - still matted with demon blood and dirt. His touch made my scalp crawl. "I am the wind blowing through your hair and the blood running from your wounds."

He dug his nails into my scalp, pulling my head back by the skin. He breathed in my face, his illuminated eyes searing into me. "You cannot escape Fate, Vieve."

Notes: This is a piece from my half-finished novella Guardians. I had a plot epiphany a few weeks ago, so this story will continue (after NaNo though . . .).


  1. I am interested in reading more from this novella. Do you have more posted? - heidi

  2. The novella (such as it is at the moment) can be read at