Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baggy Tights Week: Civil Strife

Prompt: Civil Strife



We smiled at each other across the kitchen table and our parents felt so accomplished. We ate like little angels, cleared the plates and went upstairs to do homework.

He tripped me going up the stairs and whispered "watch it, stupid". And then, because our parents came to see what was happening, helped me up and acted like I had fallen on my own. So I punched him the moment our parents were gone.

He called me "idiot" and kicked me in the back. I called him "jerk" and shoved him. He hit the wall with a thud. He swore at me.

I laughed and teased that he could not come up with cleverer insults. Then I walked away. And he tackled me from behind.

When we had fought ourselves to exhaustion, I sat on my bed nursing my injuries and listened to the low clatter of my oblivious parents doing the dishes on the ground floor.

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