Monday, October 11, 2010

Baggy Tights Week: Loud Whisper

Prompt: Loud Whisper



Her eyes were a pale violet in the moonlight, set deep in her pale face. Her blond hair lashed against her in the wind like a many-tailed whip.

Even from their distance he could see the brooch at her throat. It filled him with pride and dread. The scarlet stones marked her as his, but the jewels looked garish against her skin. The color did not belong on an angel.

She smiled at him with her eyes and he realized he must have been frowning. She beckoned him to her and he returned her smile, breathing out her name, "Agni," Though she could not have heard, her smile reached her lips.

"Come to me," she whispered. And the sound carried on the wind, clear as church bells.

Notes: If my computer doesn't explode (which the way things are going it very well might), tomorrow's response will be a companion to this (though hopefully it will be longer).

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