Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 13, 2010: Baggy Tights Week: Rustic Elegance

Prompt: Rustic Elegance



The mist lay heavy on the breeze. The sun had yet to break through the mist's stupor and it still hung, shimmering, from the branches of trees, swooping down to caress the wet blades of grass. A few insects buzzed and clicked in the quiet morning world, as yet untouched by the garishness of the sun. The birds were beginning to wake, calling out across the stillness, eerie in their echos.

The cottage tucked into the mist was waking too, a whisp of smoke curling from the chimmney. The mistress of the cottage opened the door, stepping out in nothing but her simple nightdress. The mist clung to her skirt, soaking it and weighing it down. Her hair hung loose in sleep's curls and mats. Beautiful and still, she watched the world awake, waiting for him to come back.

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