Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 20, 2011, "Name of the Game" Month - Entitled Week: The Duke

Prompt: Duke of Miant, Lord Garthim

Source: A garthim is a creature from the movie The Dark Crystal


Garthim looked down at himself, at the platinum chain lying heavy on his chest. He never thought he would be wearing it.

He rubbed his eyes wearily. It seemed as though he had been crying for days – always in private, but every private moment linked together to make it feel as if he had been in constant tears.

It had only been a year since their father had died and his title had passed to Garthim’s elder brother. It had only been a week since Elgin had died. It had only been a week since Elgin had been Duke of Miant and Garthim had been gentry. He had been common – with a small farm and no resentment for his brother, the only noble in the family. And then suddenly Elgin was dead and Garthim was forced to assume his mantle, forced to become the Duke.

Garthim looked in the mirror. He was bent beneath the weight of the chain on his neck. He was his father; he was his brother. He was the Duke of Miant – a Lord. And he was no longer Garthim.

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