Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Name of the Game" Month - The Whole Enchilada Week: I Found a Wallet

Prompt: Rosario Walden III

Source: None


The wallet was all cracked and faded leather in an ugly faun color, darkened in places by what looked to be grease or water spots. It was misshapen, bulging around its contents. The edges of cards and papers hung out of it.

It was heavy in my hands. I thought it was weighed down with change, but it was wet on the bottom. The water made the leather heavier, I thought. I unfolded the bedraggled thing. It was stuffed with papers – ticket stubs and a newspaper clipping about a kidnapping that had happened a few weeks before. The wallet had a few cloudy picture pockets filled with pictures of some gap-toothed kids and a smiling woman who looked a little worse for wear. Her roots were growing in and she looked tired, but her smile was sweet.

The big pocket was full of receipts and two one dollar bills. I sighed and looked at the cards. I had hoped for credit cards – something that might be worth something – but there was just a library card and a Blockbuster card and something that might have been a gym membership. And a license with a picture of a heavy-set white guy who looked like he would match the woman in the pictures really well. His name was Rosario Walden III – a fancy, upper class name with a hint of exotically-tinged name for some poor schmuck who probably was missing his wallet.

He probably had big plans for his two crumpled dollar bills, I figured and left the wallet where I had found it.

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