Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weather Forecast: January 2011, Name of the Game

I have decided to make January Name of the Game Month. I don't really have a specific inspiration, but I went on a name hunt for a character a few days ago and ended up gathering a few extra so I figured, why not? The month is going to progress week by week (and I'll explain again in the notes section of each week). Week one is Firsties Week: the prompts are all first names (which can be used as first names or something else entirely). Week two is Main Course Week in which every prompt is a first and middle or first and last name. The next week is Entitled Week: each prompt is a name (or names) and a title. And the final week chunk is The Whole Enchilada Week which may (or may not include) first, middle, and last names as well as titles. The unattached final three prompts are just name challenges that I find personally interesting.

I will try to get prompts up as regularly as possible, but as I have mentioned before, my adapter is broken. Luckily I have a backup computer which, despite its many flaws, should be able to get my prompts online.

January 1.Firsties Week: Meora

January 2.Firsties Week: Aphra

January 3.Firsties Week: Dzintra

January 4.Firsties Week: Areli

January 5.Firsties Week: Wales

January 6.Firsties Week: Teto

January 7.Firsties Week: Vaunt

January 8.Main Course Week: Andromeda Dane

January 9.Main Course Week: Annette Haricot

January 10.Main Course Week: Holly Danin

January 11.Main Course Week: Orca Lowry

January 12.Main Course Week: Scinema Aldrin

January 13.Main Course Week: Ava Kaul

January 14.Main Course Week: Symons Frontier

January 15.Entitled Week: Father Martagin

January 16.Entitled Week: Empress Elora

January 17.Entitled Week: Magistrate and Court Sorcerer Gratis

January 18.Entitled Week: High Lord Corenda

January 19.Entitled Week: Royal Tailor Niss

January 20.Entitled Week: Duke of Miant, Lord Garthim

January 21.Entitled Week: Chamberlain and Royal Vizier Amata

January 22.The Whole Enchilada Week: Queen Sybil of the House of Delinore

January 23.The Whole Enchilada Week: Rianne Sofia Garcia de Carson

January 24.The Whole Enchilada Week: Crown Princess Amalthea Johanesson

January 25.The Whole Enchilada Week: Plum

January 26.The Whole Enchilada Week: Madison Peter Hammerstein

January 27.The Whole Enchilada Week: Rosario Walden III

January 28.The Whole Enchilada Week: Shea Tart

January 29.Use the name of a car as a part of the name of a character.

January 30.Use a verb (in any tense, language or spelling) as the first name of a character.

January 31.Use the name of a kind of food as a part of a name.

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