Monday, January 10, 2011

"Name of the Game" Month - Main Course Week: Holly Danin

Prompt: Holly Danin

Source: Danin is the last name of a character in the movie Willow.


Holly signed her name, moving the ink pen slowly. Holly Danin Barker. The attorney lifted the paper, checking it over. “Danin?” she read. “That’s an interesting name.”

Holly did not respond. A lump had formed in her throat. She remembered asking her mother about where her middle name had come from when she was only a child. Her mother had explained, in that whimsical way of hers, that she had named Holly after a fairytale child Empress in an epic fantasy movie from the 80’s.

Her mother had never really been attached to reality, Holly thought. She missed the older woman more than ever – the missing a deep, leaden ache in her stomach. Perhaps without her childhood home – with the scent of her mother hanging sweet in the air, the cushioned armchairs that crowded around the bookcases filled with ancient fairytales – she would finally be able to move on.

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