Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Name of the Game" Month - The Whole Enchilada Week: Sybil

Prompt: Queen Sybil of the House of Delinore

Source: None


He cupped her face in his hands, rubbing his thumb in gentle circles on her cheek. Sybil’s eyes were closed. He watched her, her silvery hair and porcelain skin.

He leaned in, touching his nose to that white cheek. She smelled soft – like sunshine and earth and flowers. He wanted to kiss her so badly. He brushed his lips over the smooth skin.

“No,” Sybil said, pulling back. She was breathing heavily, her bare shoulders heaving above the off-shoulder neckline of her long, ornate gown.

She was so childlike, small-boned, white, pure. He swallowed, looking down at the virgin Queen. She did not avoid his eyes, meeting his gaze emotionlessly. She was the first Queen in a long line of Delinore Kings, Kings who had destroyed the country with war and destroyed their people with stringent taxes.

Sybil had taken a vow of celibacy, determined to repair her broken country. Determined not to let it fall into the hands of another corrupt King. He let her go, moving away. He could not touch her. Sybil’s celibacy was going to save her nation.

He was exactly the kind of man she had to keep away from her people. His nation was full of corruption. His people were vicious, easily incited. He could not pursue her – if their kingdoms were joined, hers would fall into ruin. He could not jeopardize her vow.

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