Monday, January 24, 2011

"Name of the Game" Month - The Whole Enchilada Week: Amalthea

Prompt: Crown Princess Amalthea Johanesson

Source: Amalthea is the name of a character in the film The Last Unicorn


The Crown Princess Amalthea Johanesson was exactly what her parents wanted her to be - prim, proper, and always politically correct. She was perfect and she was going to be the perfect queen one day.

That was because when Amalthea was born - an ugly, wrinkled, screaming infant - she was rushed away from the birthing room to a dark, cool room full of needles and scrubbed personnel. There they had sedated the infant, opened her skull and pulled out her brain.

Setting the organ aside, they replaced it with portions of her parents' brains, sealing her back up. Since her parents were perfect for the kingdom, it followed that a child in possession of their shared minds would be also.

And she was. Amalthea never cried. By six months she could stand by herself and recite the names of her uncles, boring the pants off of everyone in the room. That feat made her father puff up with pride. By the time she was a year old she was able to settle a dispute over livestock with three simple words (usually "Behead these peasants" or "Guards, seize them"), an accomplishment that made her mother preen. By two, she was magnanimously declining offers of betrothal and alliance from several kingdoms before settling on the offer her parents - and she - though best.

When she had not received direction to do something, Amalthea stood still, eyes wide and blank. She never said a word, though she smiled cordially at passing dignitaries. She was lovely and she mimicked better than a parent. Her parents were overjoyed; she was perfect.

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