Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Name of the Game" Month - The Whole Enchilada Week: Mrs.

Prompt: Madison Peter Hammerstein

Source: I once knew a guy named Madison and I've known more than a few female Madisons. I also know a Peter. I do not, however, know any Hammersteins.


Eliza glanced up from the menu to survey her dinner date. He was reclined in his chair, swishing some dark wine in his glass. He was beautiful - long fingers that caressed the stem of the goblet, a strong jaw, his broad chest filled his designer suit perfectly. Beautiful and wealthy. His wealth was obvious in every article of his clothing - almost in his every movement. He seemed to smell of it.

She reviewed what she knew about Madison Peter Hammerstein, concert pianist protegee. He was young. He was beautiful. He had been born rich and become even richer. He was single.

Eliza straightened, deliberately playing with the angle of her expensively cut neckline which was too low. A woman need only do one thing to gain all of the affluence she could possibly want. Mrs. Madison Peter Hammerstein could have anything her heart desired.

Eliza was looking forward to it.

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