Saturday, July 10, 2010

Azure: Part One

Prompt: Flowing like satin

Source: None

Response: Azure: Part One

Her breath caught as he walked past. She could not stop her gaze from following his movement, though he did not even glance at her.

Selim looked down at the coil of rope in her hands. Her arms were filthy from the mud caked to the rope's surface and, beneath the dirt, her arms trembled with strain and stiffness. She knew she must look a mess after working deep in the well all day - her long hair coiled around her head in a cloud of frizz and mud.

She watched William's gait - confident and smooth. She admired how his open shirt outlined his body - flowing like satin. She did not wonder that he did not look at her.

Notes: I've decided I need a little continuity . . . Which means I'm going to start a short short short story. I kinda want to do it all in one go, but I may do about a week of it and end or I may do about a week of it and not finish and do pieces of it randomly later. Either way - there will be about a week of Azure for sure . And most of the parts will probably be far longer than this one . . .

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