Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sun Set on the Hill

Prompt: Create a story using words of one-syllable only, beginning with “From the back of the truck...”

Source: Modified from: warren-wilson.edu/~creativewriting/Prompts.php

Response: The Sun Set on the Hill

From the back of the truck

I saw the sun set on the hill

red like blood. It lit up the trees -

made them red.

I was still

but the truck. Shook

on the bumps

of the long red road

under the low red trees and hot red sun.

I could look and see

the sky. Burn with light

like the end of the world.

And the truck drove far from there

far from light of the blood and burn trees

on the red and long road

to the blue night beyond.

Notes: I do NOT know enough monosyllabic words . . .

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