Thursday, July 15, 2010

Azure: Part Three Continued

Prompt: Dark

Source: None.

Response: Azure: Part Three Continued

Selim heard the voices and thought that it must be her family returning to work. The voices were loud enough and surely discordant enough. But as they came closer, she could also distinguish the occasional sound of clashing metal and raucous laugher. If she had spent more time serving ale in the tavern as most girls at the Keep did to supplement their family's income, she would have had serious doubt that the laughter came from sober men.

They were speaking loud enough that Selim could just catch some of their words.


"Fool - - - dropped it,"


Selim stood, looking up, suddenly even more nervous. The voices could be anyone from stable boys dabbling in the vicar's wine to restless woodland sprites.

"Be ready, Sir William,"

She hardly had time to process the name before Sir Bram's shield crashed into the well shaft and everything went dark.

Notes: Yay! Caught up, finally. So I hope this story is at least somewhat enjoyable. I'm feeling better despite some severe vertigo problems (thanks for your well wishes, Ann!) and so I should be back and ready to log another 1000 word entry tomorrow and hopefully crank out some story chapters.

Anyone reading continuously has probably noticed that most of my recent prompts have been from no source (which means I made them up) this is because I didn't have time to plan the whole month on July 1st as I usually do - I apologize for this because it really is cheater-ish of me. I am hoping that tomorrow or the next day I will also be able to fill out the rest of July and (fingers crossed) actually post the prompts ahead of time on the blog so that anyone who wants to can write ahead and so you all can keep me honest.

Also, I'm calling out for some new prompts. There has been a pretty big range so far - from single word to really specific - so if you have an idea or a picture or a formula or a name or a plot line PLEASE send it to me. Gracias!

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