Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The View from Behind Cut Glass

Prompt: Use at least three of these five phrases in a story or poem: "ashes of youth", "nectar thoughts", "ruined feathers", "O Muse", "falling stars and eagles".

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Response: The View from Behind Cut Glass

Looking out of windows

broken panes of breaking pains

at the falling stars

and eagles and west wind blowing

death shrouds like an

eagles ruined feathers

or what used to be an angel's

nectar thoughts - honey sweet -

I double over in agony of memory

in mourning for the ashes of youth

and talent and bravery. I cry out

in the west wind

O Muse, let me touch them again,

let me make them see.

Let them see me.

But no answer I hear in the sweeping still.

No sound but death shrouds blowing.

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