Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camden the Earthbound

Prompt:Go to a public place (coffee shop, bus/subway station, library, whatever) during the day and sit down for fifteen minutes with a pen and paper. Watch people as they walk by going about their daily lives. Find a person who looks interesting and, just from watching them, write a paragraph about who they are, what they're doing there, whatever. Be as realistic or wild as you wish, but turn the stranger into a character.

Source: efbq (Thanks!)

Response:Camden wears his hair loose and untamed - he works hard for that specific look. His mom says it looks like he just rolled out of bed, but he has had many compliments on it (including one girl who swore he looked like her vision of Edward Cullen, though Camden wasn't sure if he should really consider that complimentary). Camden is skin and bones and brains and a giant camera that he takes everywhere. He pretends like he doesn't care about what he wears (just like he pretends his hair is naturally fantastic), but his outfits are carefully planned to try and make himself look a little more normal-sized. He loves plaid and photography and his pet chinchilla, Mona. He has always dreamed of flying, but he has vivid nightmares every night of falling from the sky and landing SMACK! on the ground in a shatter of bones and his precious camera, so he contents himself with taking pictures of things that fly - getting a vicarious thrill as he watches the birds and helicopters and balloons and model planes lift into the clear air.

Notes: So I don't know if anyone remembers my prompt response with the hot air balloon picture, but I got to go watch hot air balloons fill up today (which is where I saw my literary victim). Unfortunately, the weather didn't allow them to fly, but it was still awesome . . . they are SO big and SO amazing . . .

As you may have also noticed, this prompt came from a WEbook member - which is awesome as well - so all in all, today is awesome.

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