Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Second Life

Prompt: Write a story in which a ghost serves as your main character.

Source:, prompted by: InkyShadows

Response: Second Life

I floated in the corner, a ball of translucent anger. Furiously festering as I watched him live on. I dripped with silver-sheer blood, it threaded down my chest from behind my ear, flowed in rivulets between my fingers. I had been bleeding for so long, watching him.

He kept the knife. It no longer bled for him - but it never stopped bleeding for me, shiny ghostly blood. I wanted to rip him apart as he used the kitchen blade to slice tomatoes and apples and blocks of cheese. He devoured them and my spectral blood flowed from his mouth in morbid torrents.

I hung suspended - unfound, unable to leave, watching him. I was angry and I was trapped watching him.

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