Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 17, 2010 - Azure: Part Five

Prompt: Write about a "scoffing sun"


Response: Azure: Part Five

Selim blinked - the sun was glaring through hole in the window covering, scoffing at her as she coughed dryly. It was no surprise that the sun would agree with the trees, she thought dazedly. The sun was probably second only to the trees in the hatred of the King. The sun was king of the sky and the King thought he could do as he liked.

"I would wager the sun does not like that," she muttered.

"Well look who is awake." Selim heard her father's voice pierce her mind and she squeezed her eyes shut. "You took your time waking up, girl,"

She opened her eyes to see her father and Mortimer leaning over her and knew that they would have her off of her pallet in a trice and that they would be working all day. They looked haggard and poised for an offense - ready to jump on any shortcoming and tear the offender to pieces.

The rain had made the earth soft - treacherous and mischievous - and the scent of the trees and the rain lingered in the air above the smoke, lanolin and grease of the Keep. They would have been foolish to work in the wells. They were occupied mending a wall on the very outskirts of the Keep's territory.

Throughout the day, Selim felt the sun blocked by a bird's shadow. She kept seeing the flash of golden wing - though she could not quite connect it to her fevered daydream of a tall, dark-haired man who had somehow found her deep within a well.

Notes: Sorry, I wanted it to be longer, but I missed the day by 31 minutes anyway. I will finish this part and the story (or at least the section of the story I'm going to be doing this time around) tomorrow, pinkie swear.

I apologize for missing my day, but I was finished before midnight, so I am exempting myself from my penance.

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