Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nonnegotiable Idiot

Prompt: Write about someone who doesn't usually wear glasses.

Source: None.

Response: Nonnegotiable Idiot

"Stop it, Michael!" Jamison giggled, but his voice was beginning to actually sound annoyed as his older brother tickled and poked him, keeping his glasses just out of reach.

"But I need these glasses, Jamie," Michael teased, his voice cajoling.

The older boy placed the glasses on his nose, looking through them at the blurred world. "You are so blind. How do I look?"

Jamison squinted at his brother. Michael was close enough that the smaller boy could distinguish him almost clearly. "Like an idiot."

Michael glared for a moment and then brightened. "A smexy idiot."

Jamison just rolled his eyes. nonnegotiable

Notes: I will be gone for the next week so . . . more prompts for you. Happy July the Fourth, ya'll, hope it's a good one.

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