Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Penance: September 13, 2010, "Picture This" Month - The Winter Ocean

Prompt: Write a character who would fit in the same world as one you have written previously. (Because this is "Picture This" Month, be sure that your visual desciption is extra special).

Source: None.

Response: The Winter Ocean

His hair fluttered in the breeze. The smell of sea salt was just discernable, as though it was a part of his skin. Like salt crystals were scattered through his pale hair and crusted lightly on his skin.

As much as he smelled of the ocean, he looked like winter. His light skin and tousled platinum curls almost looked like some kind of snow camouflage. But his eyes were the color of sea foam - the white fervor tinted by the deep greens and grays of the sea.

And when he grinned - an unquestionably self-confident smirk - you could actually hear girls sighing.

Notes: I love pale guys. And cocky guys. And over-confident practically-albino guys. So this character would fit in any number of stories that I have written.

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  1. LoL. I recommend you don't use the word "skin" twice so closely, but great one anyway.