Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Picture This" Month - Duck

Prompt: You get a picture in a text message, what is it?

Source: None.

Response: Duck

I got it while I was in my fourth period English class. I have major texting-in-class skills so I checked it under the table. I didn't recognize the number but I didn't really care - at least it was something to do.

It looked like a blob. I had no idea what it was suposed to be a picture of. I scrolled down to the caption. It just said "duck". I scrolled back up. I supposed that it could be a duck.

The next text buzzed in just a second later. "I said duck."

And that's when the window behind me broke. And I ducked.

Notes: As I said in a previous note, my power supply cord is MIA and that's why yesterday's prompt did not get put up yesterday. And, as I said in the same note, I'm going to excuse myself from pennance because it was impossible for me to complete it yesterday.

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