Sunday, September 19, 2010

Penance: September 17, 2010, "Picture This" Month - Carnival

Prompt: Use an empty carnival as your setting.

Source: None


The carnival in the empty lot behind my house was closed three years ago. It was supposed to reopen the next summer, but it had been empty since then. The only people you were likely to find there were bums and rebellious teenagers.

I wandered into the carnival yesterday - through the hole in my back fence and the gap in the gate. I knew I should not have gone, but I wanted to be alone. I had snuck in before - the abandoned rides and games had always called to me the way woods call to adventurous kids who are lucky enough to live near them - but usually with someone else in tow. I had never been at night before either, but I wanted to be alone.

I had explored most of the carnival previously, but I started wandering. I walked past rows of hanging stuffed animals and stinking popcorn machines. It was creepy.

I jumped at every noise and I began to think it was a bad idea instantly. The exaggerated shadows blocked the path and the hanging prizes grinned creepily.

I had a vague idea of heading for the prize warehouse, where I had never been, but when I saw lights on I stopped. When I heard a scream, I turned tail and ran.

Notes: I think an empty carnival would be the BEST setting for an encounter with a serial killer.

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