Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Picture This" Month - A Thousand and One

Prompt: A picture's worth a thousand words. What's a sound worth?

Source: None.

Response: A Thousand and One

The picture was unprofessional - a snapshot taken with a disposable camera in poor lighting. Her face was a little washed out; her eyes stood out dark against the stark white of her skin.

He ran a finger over her cheek. He could have easily taken a better picture of her, even with a disposable, he knew, but for some reason it was his favorite picture. It seemed to truly fulfil the old adage about a thousand words - her sad little smile or surprised look alone spoke volumes to him.

But he wished that he could still hear her voice. As he traced her frozen face he felt a thousand words, but he yearned to hear a single sound from her lips - his lifeless Becca. To hear a sigh or his name. To hear her laugh. He sighed. If only pictures had a thousand and one words contained - if only the picture could hold her voice; if only it could let him hear her again.

Notes: My power supply cord for my laptop is busted so the prompts are likely to be short and if I miss one because of it I am excusing myself from penance. My new one should be here in a few days. Ick.

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