Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Picture This" Month - Encircled

Prompt: Think of a place you'd like to be at this exact instant - it can be literal (for example, Paris) or figurative (like "caught-up"). Paint a picture of that place using words.

Source: None.

Response: Encircled

She held her breath for a beat. In that instant of silence she could hear him breathing with the heaviness of deep sleep. She shifted closer to him, molding her body to the contour of his sleeping figure. He adjusted automatically. She could smell the lingering scent of his mild cologne as his arm reached over her, cradling her.

If she listened, she could imagine that she could hear his heart - hear it and feeling it pulsing through her in a calm rhythm. If she listened a moment longer, she could imagine that she felt her own heart rate slowing to match his. She smiled and nestled against him again, warmth encircling her.

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