Sunday, September 12, 2010

Septemeber 11, 2010, "Picture This" Month - Things That Fly



Response: Things That Fly

Things that fly, that crawl across the sky in perfect natural rhythm. Like animated clouds, full of rainbow colors and covered in a flurry of feathers. I dreamed I was like them - the champions of the heavens. I dreamed I could follow the invisible roads of air to a thousand destinations. I dreamed I could return in a breath. I dreamed I had the beauty lent to feathered things.

Things that soar, that reach heights other creatures can not even imagine. Like endless oaks, touching the light of the sun and filled with a thousand whispers. I dreamed I was like them - the sky-touching beasts. I dreamed I could grasp the stars of heaven and follow them. I dreamed that they were like fireflies. I dreamed I had the agility of tiny butterflies.

Things that fall, that crash to the ground in incomprehendable agony. I opened my eyes to see my ceiling and walls, closing me in and my body confining me. I cried for my dreams - the visions of sunlight. I cried at the thought of my lost wings that were never mine. I cried in desolation. I curled up and thought of things that fly.

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